Majorette & Drum Major Tryouts

Students interested in trying out to be a 2021 Minerva Marching Band Majorette or Drum Major need to turn in a try out video no later than May 24. E-mail the video or link to Emily Hummel at

Majorettes Need To Demonstrate The Following:

  • Spins (preferably 2 spin, but will accept 1 spin)
  • Arm rolls and floor rolls
  • Illusion (without a toss is acceptable) at least 2 minutes long
  • Vertical and Horizontal tricks, along with movement (avoid stationary)

Drum Majors Need To Demonstrate The Following:

  • Marching with a metronome at 90bpm and 120bpm (whole body needs to be visible)
  • Conduct along with the following recordings:

“Across The Field” (The Fight Song)

“Dance Monkey”

**Overall showmanship is a strong factor for all categories.