Practice Postponed

Practice has been rescheduled for 11am tomorrow. Lunch will be provided and pictures will begin at 1pm rain or shine


Band Camp Theme Days!

SUNDAY- Color by grade!! Dress with the color of your grade ~~ seniors-grey ,juniors-white, sophomores- black and freshman- red

MONDAY- American day! It may not be the Fourth of July but no reason not to celebrate like it is with red,white and blue!

TUESDAY – Tourist Tuesday! Bring on the Hawaiian shirts and fanny pack! Don’t forget sunscreen!

WEDNESDAY- Meme/Vine/TikTok day- Become your favorite meme or preform your favorite Vine/TikTok for all your friends!

THURSDAY- Twin day! Partner up with your friends or even your section to become one!

2019 Summer Homecoming Parade

We will be having a short practice Tuesday, June 11 from 5:30-6:15pm to practice for the Homecoming Parade. We will meet at 5:30pm June 12 at MHS for the parade. Parade kicks off at 6:00pm. Dress is our red polo shirt and black shorts. Incoming freshmen are not required to attend.

2019-20 Forms and Calendar

You can download a digital copy of the 2019 Marching Band Handbook here. The forms in the back must be completed and returned to the band office by the end of the 2019 school year to be officially “signed up” for next marching season.

A marching band calendar is included in the handbook. You also can view the entire 2019-2020 band calendar by clicking the “calendar” tab at the top of this page.