CantonRep: Minerva Forms Community Band

The Canton Repository has posted a story about the formation of our community band on their website.

MINERVA — Dust off those drums; shine up that saxophone; and trumpet the virtues of that long-forgotten trombone.
Minerva has started a community band!

A group that has grown to 50 members began practicing last month. In the coming months, they’ll begin practicing for their first-ever performance — a Memorial Day concert.

As part of a college master’s project, High School Band Director Derrick Maxey became curious why so many high school students stop playing their instruments after they graduate.

What he found was that many had the impression they had to be a virtuoso to play beyond high school.

That’s simply not true.

So, Maxey set out to create a community band.

It’s open to all ages and all skill levels.

By the way, he’s always looking for new members. He can be reached at the school at 330-868-4134.